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Build a Six Figure Coaching Business

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Today more than ever, the coaching business is an industry that is booming! According to Forbes more than $50 Billion was spent on the information industry in 2014 and in 2015 it double to $105 Billion. Do you know why this is??

Because more people are willing to invest into information. More people understand the value as well as investing into themselves more than ever before! 




  • Welcome to the Course!
  • Coaching Calls Questions (Please ANSWER)
  • Coaching Introduction Training
  • Introduction Presentation

Step One - Unique Selling Proposition


  • USP Introduction Training
  • Ideal Customer Profile and USP Worksheet

Step Two - Build Your List


  • Getting started the right way!
  • Creating your Ebook
  • It's all about Surveys
  • Creating Your Survey
  • Marketing Your Survey
  • Print out this Checklist and Complete it

Step Three - Building Your Success Funnel


  • Introduction
  • Group Call

Step Four - Creating Your First Event


  • Creating Your First Event
  • Creating Your First Event PDF Download
  • Application Form

Group Coaching Calls

  • Introduction Call
  • Group Coaching Call
  • Order Form Sample


  • Resources and Tools Bonuses

About Your Instructor

Taurea Avant

Taurea Avant

Business "Stand-Out" Coach

Author, Business Accelerator and International Speaker

Impacting the lives of business owners independent distributors in mind body and soul.

Taurea’s focus is on helping small-based business owners & independent distributors to develop, master, and remain committed to growing their businesses by providing valuable leadership and interpersonal skills. She offers timeless tips that support in real world interactions and discoveries on what it takes to be successful in today’s entrepreneurial world. She is a living example of creating a lifetime career and wants to help you get prepared for the journey. She knows what it takes to break through a multitude of challenges and focus on the future.

Her mission is to impact the lives of more than 10,000,000 men and women in business in mind, body and soul.


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Coaching Sessions

$79 value
We will have 3 weeks of live coaching series where you can get on and ask your questions. We will also go over bonus material


Social Media Bonus

$997 value
You will also be enrolled into the social media success course which is designed to help you better market yourself as a coach.


Community Discussions

Amazing Value!
Join our climbing community and grow everyday through real interaction with fellow students!

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